The GILL Group of Companies Limited is committed to the Health and Safety of our employees and others who may be affected by our business activities. We will achieve this by ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, that:

  • We provide the necessary Organisation and Support needed for management and staff to maintain and develop our Health and Safety standards;
  • We set clear Health and Safety Objectives and Targets;
  • Adequate resources, including the provision of competent personnel, are made available to ensure the effective implementation of this Policy;
  • There is a systematic approach to the identification of hazards and the reduction of risk through the process of Risk Assessment;
  • There is a safe and healthy workplace and work environment, including the provision of safe tools, plant and equipment and safe systems of work as appropriate;
  • We provide the necessary instruction, information and training to our employees and to others, including temporary staff, to ensure their competence with respect to Health and Safety;
  • Suitable arrangements are made for consultation with our employees on matters relating to health, safety and welfare and that effective communication on such matters takes place throughout our Company;
  • As our minimum standard, all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice are monitored and complied with, whilst seeking constantly to improve our standards and levels of performance;
  • We will support the aims, objectives, targets and initiatives of our clients;
  • We will not compromise Health and Safety for other objectives;
  • This Policy will be reviewed at least annually and amended as necessary to ensure its continued relevance and currency.

In pursuance of this Policy, the GILL Group of Companies Limited operates a comprehensive HSQE Management System (HSQEMS). This system is implemented by line management and, when required, is made available to others working on our behalf. The overall HSQEMS has been prepared to illustrate how we propose to manage our Health and Safety obligations and meet the requirements of current legislation, best practice and our clients.

This Policy is endorsed wholeheartedly by our Group Chairman. A copy of this Policy will be displayed in a prominent position at all the GILL Group of Companies Limited’s work locations.

Signed: Mr Raj Gill, Group Chairman

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