Client: Costain
Value: £15.3m
Contract: Manchester International Airport
Scope of Works: Maintenance Framework

We were employed as subcontractors to provide materials, mix, transport and place over 33,000 cubic metres of PQC and 14,000 cubic metres of wet lean concrete base by predominantly hand lay paving method. The subcontract package also includes the demolition of existing pavements, earthworks, formation and sub-base preparation.

The project is a Framework Agreement, for the replacement of all main taxiways to suit A380 loadings and is let in discrete packages ranging from 2,500 up to 25,000 square metres, to suit airfield operational requirements.

Pavement thickness was 585mm of Pavement Quality Concrete on 200mm of Wet lean Concrete.

Work commenced in October 2006, and was extended to 2012, by which time over 80,000 cubic metres will have been mixed, transported and laid.

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